A picture of Madhvi Reddi

Madhvi Reddi

I am a Product Designer by training from the National Institute of Design, India and the National Institute of Fashion Technology, India. I am an Artist by practice and apprenticeship.

While working as a Usability and Product Designer for D. E. Shaw & Co, a NYC based hedge fund, I pursued my interest in the visual arts by living and working in Europe: 

+ With Gaspard Delanoe and the 59 Rue de Rivoli art squats in Paris in 2005
+ With the Antonio Tapies foundation in Barcelona in 2006
+ With the Printmaker’s studio and guild in Edinburgh in 2008

After working as a Usability Designer and a Visual Artist simultaneously and in parallel for the past 15 years, I now define myself as a Product and Experience Designer who uses Visual Art as her medium and tool. 

My paintings can be viewed here...

Some of my solo exhibits in India are:

2014: Gallery Room Therapy,
+ No More Buddha Faces...
Speak, Memory
2013: Gallery 545,
+ Chronicles of Paint
+ Chinwag with Madhvi Reddi

I moved to San Francisco in 2016, and work from my studio in the city.

As a Designer + Artist rooted in the study of product and material, I could not ignore the sheer volumes of 'waste' that living in a consumerist economy results in, and I had to examine the societal structures and norms that influence us to consume the way we do.

I use end-of-life plastic detritus to create visual objects. By using techniques associated with labor-intensive crafts and art, I work towards shifting perceptions about plastic’s value. And through that, reflect on our notions of convenience, dispensability and where one fits in this entire consumerist life-style and cycle. 

My process and studio-practice is centered within community engagement and civic change, and I focus on collaborating with change-partners towards this end.